I’m just going to rant for an hour 5 seconds about these flowers and how much I love them and how special they are and symbolic they are of Alfons. 

They’re called Forget-me-not flowers, which in itself is symbolic of Alfons, considering his “don’t forget me” speech at the end of the movie, right before he dies. His entire existence is based around being remembered, leaving a mark, making a difference— not being forgotten. 

Flowers themselves are kind of symbolic of Alfons too, considering he’s delicate due to his disease. He’s wilting from a lung disease that’s going to take him out slowly, not quickly, just like a flower that isn’t watered slowly crumples away. But he goes out quickly, with a bang, just as flowers can quickly be ripped apart or stomped on. It’s a fragile existence. 

But he brings a sort of beauty to Ed’s dull world— he’s one of the few things Ed seems somewhat happy with (maybe?) in this world, lighting it up just a little bit, sort of like flowers do for many people and have become symbolic of. 

And then of course, lastly, is the color. The bright blue like Alfons’ eyes, but with that little bit of gold in the middle, symbolizing Alphonse Elric, who, as much as Alfons tries to be independent from, is still Alfons’ double. He’s always a part of Alfons and a little bit of him is contained within Alfons.

I just have a lot of feelings about these flowers and their connections to Alfons doesn’t help. I’m probably going to end up with a tattoo of one eventually, if we’re being perfectly honest.