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bees-and-spice suggested FIGHT ME; (I will write a drabble out one character fighting with/or against another.) for Edward. I regret everything. 

Their fights are normally quiet: tiny exchanges passed back and forth under their breath. Comments and whispers as they pass each other in the tiny apartment. Sometimes Edward leaves for a day and doesn’t come back. Sometimes Alfons leaves notes . Passive aggressive bullshit, really, but somehow the poison made the pain hurt less.

Alfons has lived with Edward for long enough to know his guilt complex is larger than any other human being he has ever met— even (especially) in post-war Germany. Little comments will crawl under the boy’s skin, even the fake bits, and dig their way right into his mechanical bones. Lodge themselves in his gears and keep him jammed and broken for days. It’s fucking cruel and he knows it, but he knows how to push the right buttons in the same way he knows how to work the control panel at the factory.

Edward has lived with Alfons for long enough to understand he has his fears and his doubts. He can talk endlessly about Alphonse and he does, without hesitation. His brother is one of a kind. He drinks himself to lunacy and rambling, partially to feel numb and partially to set a fire with the flammable liquid he’s consumed, knowing the smoke will keep Alfons coughing into the night. 

This fight is different. 

There are words as clear as day and they are harsh, spit with lashing force at one another. The carelessness will create cracks that they’re not sure they’ll be able to putty back together again. It’s late and they’re loud, threatening to wake those around them but the anger keeps them from caring, yelling over one another. They don’t even remember where it started.

“Just stop trying. I don’t care how much you try to make it like home here— this is not home! Home is with my brother, not—”

“—Your brother is dead, Edward—”

“—his fucking copy—!”

Finishing his sentence, Edward gives Alfons a hard shove against the wall. It shakes the shelves and rattles his lungs. The impact makes the German set his jaw, soft blue eyes turning cold and hard. 

“Get out.” 

For half a second, Alfons thinks he sees Edward falter, so he repeats himself before he can change his mind. The words are low, barely audible over the screaming in his ears. Copy. Copy. Copy. Copy.

“Get out. Go drink yourself unconscious in an alley, I don’t care. Just get the hell out of my apartment.” 

There’s a flurry of motion and cloth as the golden child grabs his jacket off the hanger, swinging it on wordlessly. His eyes are cast to the floor but they burn with rage and Alfons feels triumphant even when he as the flames start to lick at his skin, burning. 

Edward leaves and Alfons slams the door behind him.











i get so fucking emotional over elle and alfons

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You hurt my feelings you small, insensitive piece of shit.

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[[ re-reading Hot Chocolate and a Chat and fuckING CRYING ABOUT IT ]]

gates-of-oblivion replied to your post “gates-of-oblivion replied to your post:in all honesty i would think…”

But also Hess had some eyebrow game going on like god damn dude could fly to scotland without the plane tbh

[[ holy shit i think i almost peed my pants i laughed so hard at that. ]]



matching icons for u and ur friend who is slightly flustered due to the current situation of being surrounded by romani girls and is trying not to get a boner



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in all honesty i would think that your least favourite character be rudolf hess, he did shoot you y'know

[[ you would think that, but he’s actually one of my favorites because angst. :’D  also, real life hess was a fuckin crazy ass motherfucker who hijacked a german airforce plane and tried to fly to scotland in it.

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Hi! I'm Cat and I'm doing that introduce myself thing. ^-^ I'm an almost 18 year old girl who likes reading, writing, playing games, and watching anime (among other things, but I couldn't put them ALL, you know?). I'm starting my senior year in high school tomorrow, and I eventually want to become an English teacher in Japan. :) I came across your blog a while ago, and while I don't reblog from it, I love coming back to it and reading your posts. You're pretty cool. :)

[[ Awh thank you! I used to be on here more often, but I’m kind of a slacker now, so. >_> Shh.

But good luck in school this year! English teacher in Japan sounds like a great way to go! Does your high school offer Japanese or will you try to learn some in the future like at college or something? ]]


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Umm hello :3 my name is omnia but my friends call me yuno. am 17 and a biotechnology student(basically i scientist like alfons :p) (btw i don't use my main blog anymore), i like music and conspiracy stuff, and i watch anime like crazy... Right now rewatching fma when am done i will rewatch fmab and once its over i will go back and rewatch fma amd the cycle goes on.. This has been my life lately. Am really friendly and sarcastic so feel free to talk to me anytime ^^ (excuse my english if wrong)

[[ Nah your English is fine! Better than any second language of mine would be, so good for you! But being a scientist is pretty cool! I’m in a molecular and cellular biology class right now and that’s pretty fun~

It was nice meeting you! ]]


Some Edo and Aru sketches by Anyarr